Maybe We Really Shouldn’t Believe The Hype

Arctic Monkeys came bounding into the limelight in 2005 with their smash record, ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor’, and have dominated British indie rock ever since. Have they got too big for their boots? Chloé Maher discusses…

With the Arctic Monkeys there comes such a great deal of debate, and so does every subject matter when it is accompanied with change. The change, in the case of our dear band from Sheffield, is the slick and sleek Alex Turner. And the change, I guess, would be the slick and sleek part. What feels like not so long ago did Alex Turner sport an awful hair cut that brushed slightly over his eyebrows and wore little else but plain t-shirts and jeans. However, over time it is not just Turner’s hair that has changed, but his whole demeanour. He is more confident than we ever expected and now seems so arrogant he is almost unrecognisable. The cocky attitude is not what we have come to expect, unlike with the Gallaghers, hence why it seems to have provoked such a change in the Arctic Monkeys scene.


Since AM, there has been an unwelcome influx of fans. In a perfect world, people could be listen to what they want regardless of what other bands they like and when the first became a fan etc. But let’s be honest, nothing riles us more than when some little girl with Harry<3 in her bio starts claiming she’s been a number one fan of your favourite band since day one. Maybe that is why there seems to have been a shift in the reputation that surrounds the band. And of course we could never blame the band itself for this as with the promotion of a new album there will always be new fans, however there is only so many times you can read “artic monkeys” on your timeline, and equally so, only so many times you can read someone complaining about it.

NME have also had a heavy hand to play in the downfall of Arctic Monkeys with their regular and somewhat obsessive glorification of the band. It’s like when the teacher constantly favours one person in the class regardless of whether it is deserved or not, and by the end of the year you kind of end up hating the kid. Well Arctic Monkeys have become the annoying student. This is another factor they have no control over as they can’t help the fact that NME have an unhealthy infatuation with them, but they don’t need to be so cocky about it. Either way, now that NME have praised the band so much it has resulted in the group being branded as over rated, thus another reason people may be keen to criticise.


And of course, back to the main man himself, an element very much in the bands control. Mr Turner did little for his reputation in this years BRIT awards. From a literacy point of view, his speech was genius. But at an awards show, it might be viewed as nothing more than him being a drunk, pompous twat (to put it plainly.) Such a contrast to the bands previous approach to the award show, where they dressed up almost as if they saw the whole thing as a joke, the speech seemed to insinuate Alex was sure they would win, and decided to regurgitate a well rehearsed speech for a reason I cannot fathom. His contrived words pushed fans further away from their beloved ‘humbug Alex’, and with no new album on the horizon for quite some time I guess fans are just going to have to wait for their idol to ‘snap out of it.’

Arctic Monkeys are certainly controversial nowadays, so tell us your opinion in a comment below!

Photo by Dave Lichterman used under Creative Commons


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