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Benjamin Francis Leftwich | After the Rain

Following on from debut album “Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm” released in 2011, “After the Rain” is a glorious humming selection of acoustic tracks with the perfect end of summer/ early autumn vibes. The relaxing coos of Leftwich make for an incredibly enjoyable listening experience, and indeed it’s hard to take issue with any of the songs, which all melt into each other to provide a backing track for pretty much any activity.

Tracks like “Just Breathe” and “Immortal” bring to mind movie scenes of faces staring out of rainy windows, whilst “Frozen Moor” is almost wintery in its plucked melody and hushed vocals.

“I know that you’re ready to go, but stay a while”, Leftwich coos in “Groves”, a beautiful track written about Leftwich’s late father, in which crashing drums and piano chords accompany husky vocables.

The perfect album for soothing listening, “After the Rain” is a must as the seasons change and so does your music library.

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“After the Rain” is available to purchase now

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - After the Rain


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