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A Music and Fashion Affair: The Iconic Style of Debbie Harry

Resident writer, model and fashion blogger Dani Ran explores the worldwide legacy of Debbie Harry, from frontwoman to fashionista.

While some of you may associate Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry with her iconic platinum locks or sweet serenations, her boundary-breaking and care-free innovative style has often been overlooked. Harry was ultimately the first woman circa 1970 to throw two fingers up to society both in her music and her personal style, birthing what we now know as the femme-punk scene. Her tough girl persona combined with her petit feminine frame and striking profile makes for a match made in heaven, where Harry can make even a boxy beat-up leather jacket look effortlessly chic. Perhaps the most endearing and admirable element of her style is her lack of concern regarding labels and pricing; if it looks good, she’ll wear it.

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Her most iconic era, both for Blondie and her wardrobe, was arguably the 70’s. 1978 saw the release of Blondie album ‘Parallel Lines’, which features tunes such as ‘One Way Or Another’ (yes, you do know a Blondie song) and ‘Heart Of Glass’, meaning Blondie, and Harry’s style, were very much in the public eye. Clashing prints, denim, metallics galore, she wore it all- often simultaneously. Although Harry’s always had a bit of an edge to her, the late 70’s-early 80’s is where she really found herself and personal style- a style which still conquers high-street retailers today and has even influenced the likes of Ferne Cotton and her untouchable style.


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Do you find Debbie Harry a style icon? Has she influenced you at all? Let us know in the comments!

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You can shop Debbie Harry’s iconic style by clicking on the images below:

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