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Classics Week: Frank | Amy Winehouse

Sometimes swept under the carpet by the overwhelming commercial success of her sophomore album, Back to Black, Winehouse’s debut offering, Frank depicts a brutally honest portrayal of strength and love, all accompanied by an uncompromisingly soulful mystique.

The neo-jazz sound of Winehouse’s voice stems so organically from artists such as Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holliday, with silky tones providing the basis for a powerful, but not overwhelming assonance of tones. The soft innocence of Amy Winehouse’s vocals at the tender age of 19 are contradicted mightily by piercing, quick-witted lyricism’s that share an insight into ex-lovers and rivals alike. With most of Winehouse’s legacy now being so intensely overshadowed by her harrowing struggles with substance abuse, Frank allows us to transfer back to a time before the air of tragedy, where Winehouse’s emotive tonality has all of the listeners attention.

Frank’s track listing swirls in between small ditties such as, “I Heard Love Is Blind”, a somewhat tounge’n’cheek offering surrounding the admittance of infidelity in the playful demeanour that made so many fall in love with her. The far from apologetic, “In My Bed”, offers an alternative reworking of the classic break up song, with stark lyricism’s such as, “The only time I hold your hand, Is to get the angle right”, flipping the role of the whimsical love torn female, yearning for a love once lost on its head and providing a new, empowering narrative for the contemporary female. It’s hard to come across such a self-assured debut album, but with an eclectic mix of classic jazz musings and new soulful melodies making way for a developed sound, Frank was always seen as a starting point for Amy Winehouse, making way for her glorified ascendance to musical stardom.

There’s no denying that Winehouse’s voice is one of, if not the most inspired, powerful voices of the 21st Century, and the thought that we could have been subjected to so many more angelic melodies if it wasn’t for her heart wrenchingly cataclysmic personal life is almost too sad to comprehend. However, Frank will always be a classic in my eyes as it bears as a reminder of her pure talent that transformed her into the Grammy award winning artist she will always be remembered as.

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Classics WeekEditor's PickSpecials

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