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Interview: Oscar

London-based dream-pop-prince Oscar is taking the world by storm; currently on a European tour and releasing his début LP this Spring. Joe Cadman shares a few words with him…

To put it simply, 2016 is Oscar Scheller’s for the taking. The heir to the throne of low-fi pop, who goes simply by Oscar, is due to release his debut album Cut and Paste on the 13th May. If the jubilant melancholia of his last release (2015’s Beautiful Words EP) is anything to go by, it’s bound to be your soundtrack to the warmer months.  I caught up with him in the middle of a hectic touring schedule which includes being part of the first ever Outlines Festival in Sheffield.

Speaking of Outlines, Oscar is more than upbeat about it: “It feels like it’s a special thing to be asked to do! It’s a great first lineup. A few friends of mine are playing too so it’s a nice community.”

In terms of his debut, the north Londoner admits it doesn’t stray too far from his previous material as there’s “nothing too out of character if you know me well”. But he does say that “there are moments on there which may surprise people a little”. If that’s not enough of an insight for you hungry readers, Oscar also describes it as “a collection of what I imagine to be pop songs, with something a little bit different in each one. It’s an eclectic affair with heart, soul and groove. Expect neon pink.” What neon pink quite sounds like though, I don’t know.

Although Oscar is known for recording straight from his bedroom, this hasn’t been entirely the case for Cut and Paste. “I planned for it to be a totally 50/50 bedroom and studio ratio. So the vocals and most instrumental parts were done at home and the drums and bass were recorded in a studio about 10 minutes from my house!” Fellow London resident Marika Hackman also features on the album on the track Only Friend, something which Oscar is more than happy about. “I knew she’d be the perfect voice for a feature on the album. She’s got that melancholic and magical quality which isn’t that easy to find these days.” Whatever this sounds like, you can guarantee it’s going to be special.

Following the album’s release, his year doesn’t get any quieter as he tells me there are plans for both a UK and European tour in May before appearing at  a host of festivals throughout the summer including (yes I’m listing them all, deal with it); Dockville, Way Out West, Beat Herder, Bylarm, End Of The Road and the already announced Hand Made, Festival No.6 and Secret Garden Party.

All of these festivals are after “SXSW then lots of touring and a big US tour with Bloc Party and The Vaccines in May.” So despite his slacker sound, Oscar is doing anything but lazing around this year.

This year is going to be a magical year for Oscar Scheller and he looks as if he’s about to take it all in his stride. The fact that he says he’s after “world domination” means that this is just the beginning. And if he does end up as leader of the world, he told you so.

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image: taken from official Facebook, artist credit Bella Howard.


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