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The Song That Changed My Life: Nina Burrell

To pinpoint the exact moment my musical tastes transcended from the generic chart pop that seeps into our consciousness from a birth towards a more eclectic mix of musical rhythms is a difficult task to say the least. Nonetheless, my earliest memory that surrounds music (besides my brother blasting Eifel 65-Blue from his cassette player 24/7) was my father hopelessly trying to widen our musical horizons by playing his own selections in the car to try and drag us away from the trusty Top 40. Sadly, Nick Cave and Lou Reed don’t seem to resonate very well with 8 year olds, and my poor father would have to handle my incessant screaming until I could sing-a-long to my favourite NOW CD again.

I can’t remember the exact time or place where I first heard Steve Jones’s riveting descending power cord riff  at the beginning of the Sex Pistols debut single ,“Anarchy In The UK”, but I remember it gripping me immediately, as If I couldn’t even comprehend the pure raucousness of the disruptive melody. I’d had the same reaction as much of the discarded youth when “Anarchy In The UK “was released in 1977, I wasn’t sure what to think. I’d never been subjected to anything like this before. But something about the raw, unsettling melodic tones must have resonated with me. It wasn’t until years later, of course, that I would truly understand the impact the Pistols had on the Twentieth Century music scene, gaining notoriety through disrupting the industry like no band had ever managed to before.

I feel as if choosing “Anarchy in the UK” as the song that changed my life is almost a cliché, as the Pistols’ debut single from their only studio album changed pretty much everyone’s lives; whether it was the troubled youth pining for something to relate to within Thatcher’s Britain, or the startled parents, disturbed by Rotten & Co.’s outlandish outbursts. They’ve managed to uphold the ultimate image of youth rebellion since the 1980’s, with many critics regarding The Sex Pistols as the only “true” punk band. A gang of drunken yobs had somehow managed to revolutionise the way people thought, dressed, spoke and wrote. They were unforgiving and unwilling to be restricted by anyone or anything. Before the Pistols, artists were constantly pining for gratification and admiration from their audiences but with the band came a sense of self assurance, they may have had no clue what they were doing, but they for sure didn’t care. Johnny Rotten’s lyrics were far from Oscar Wilde, they were sarcastic and satirical,his only intention being to provoke the youth, to force them to riot, to be in uproar about something, anything.

Wandering through the Sex Pistols’ renowned back catalogue as a teenager broadened my musical horizons and led me on the path towards other artists who were so profoundly effected by the legacy of “Never Mind The Bollocks”. Their infamous gig at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall in the summer of 1976 is credited for being the catalyst for the creation of some of the most important alternative bands of the late twentieth century: The Smiths, Buzzcocks and Joy Division to mention a few. Without the realization that other sounds existed beyond my sheltered world of bubblegum pop I dread to think of what my music taste would now consist of, probably more Bieber than Bowie. So thanks Dad, I promise to try and inhabit the same persistence when musically educating my future offspring.

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