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Elisa Halkes went to see the hugely popular Charli XCX, and this is what she had to say…

Charli XCX is the definition of pop punk princess. Accompanied by a backing band comprising of women & adorned in a sparkly numbered cheerleader-esque top, she is fearless and knows what she wants – it’s not hard to see why she quickly rose to international stardom with songs that sound like they came straight out of a 90’s high school movie- it’s no wonder acts  like Peace want to duet with her.

The event was held in Collins Music Hall in Islington, London, a warehouse type venue beneath street level, complete with multiple balcony levels and 3 support acts hand picked by Charli. They were Rivrs, a young  London based electro pop group, Cuckoolander, a female electronic pop artist & overwhelmingly cool New York duo Lionbabe. Headlining the Redbull future underground bill on night 2 of 3 nights packed with free music in which fans tweet Redbull 24 hours prior to the show to gain a ticket code, Charli bursts onto stage with “Sucker”, (which opens the show with chants of expletives as a tune of defiance against the so called doubters of the British songstress), and announces how this is her last UK show of the year before she starts work on a new album.

In between album tracks like “Breaking Up” & “Famous”,  the rowdy pop hits that brought Charli to success were vehemently yelled back to her in songs like “Fancy” & “I love It”. “Mow That Lawn”, a song originally from her unreleased punk album was played, alongside “Grins” from her debut album. Finishing with international pop smash “Boom Clap”, it’s clear to everyone watching her that the infectious halo of coolness that surrounds Charli XCX won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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