A New York-founded indie rock group who have played with the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and San Cisco, and whose music sounds just as established as those bands! Seriously, when I first listened to ‘Nomad’ on Spotify, I was expecting it to have at least 50,000 listens – turns out it only had a modest 1,000. How such a good band can have such low recognition amazes  me!

Stellar Young consist of vocalist John Glenn (vocals/keys), Erik Flora (guitar/vocals), Curt Mulick (drums), Kyle Hatch (guitar), and Dave Parker (bass), and create mainly guitar-driven pop, with some hints of indie electro and rock. They released their debut album ‘Everything At Once’ in 2012, which includes the smooth, quirky ‘Playing With Guns’ and stadium-like ‘We Own Nothing’. The follow-up album ‘Vessels’ was released last year and includes the aforementioned ‘Nomad’ amongst a load of other awesome tunes! Property of Zack once described the band as “engaging enough to garner mainstream indie rock fans attention and intricate enough to please music snobs…”

Stellar Young

If you happen to live in North-East America, you can probably catch them live in areas such as NYC, Montreal, the Hudson Valley, Oneonta, and Plattsburgh. If not, then do not hesitate to enjoy the musical journeys of both their albums!

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