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Introducing Weinf. Further proof of how increasingly brilliant the Spanish indie music scene is, this singer-songwriter oozes charm, and I can’t get enough of his deliciously retro sound.

When Weinf, otherwise known as Dani Ruiz, was first brought to my attention I was so hooked from the off that I immediately went on a listening spree of everything I could find. Quite frankly, I was awe-struck by the end. The discovery of a simple black and white video of the young musician juggling a harmonica and a rather gorgeous guitar warranted a “now this guy is good” moment, and I was instantly hit with some definite Bob Dylan vibes. (For the record – the video in question is a live recording of ‘It Was Nice To Break Eachother’s Hearts’, and I highly recommend giving it a watch).

Sound wise, Weinf’s music is bursting with an incredible rawness, particularly in his latest offering ‘Bury Me With My Money’. The three-strong EP, which was released on May 27th, was recorded, mixed, and produced in the artist’s bedroom, giving it that dazzling personal touch. It’s also worth noting that at just 21 years old, Weinf has been through a hell of a lot – his 2015 LP ‘Requiem For Myself’ was created whilst he was fighting cancer, as a “record to say goodbye with if things were to get more complicated”. Thankfully, he fought through it and has recovered, and ‘Requiem For Myself’ is a stunning testament not only to Weinf’s strength but the strength of everyone facing battles in life. Listen to his return to the scene, the title track from ‘Bury Me With My Money’, below:

The thing I adore about this track is its bluesy sound – it’s reminiscent of some of the greats, from Buddy Guy to Pink Floyd. This bluesy influence can be found in each and every one of Weinf’s offerings, but it doesn’t stop there; there’s funk, psychedelia, and amazing visuals. ‘Road Trip’, for instance, my personal favourite track from ‘Requiem For Myself’, is a spectrum of 70’s-esque funk and transcendent guitar, with a trippy, massively aesthetically pleasing video to match. It’s the kind of song that transports you to another world, in fact. If it wasn’t obvious, I really think Weinf is on to something magical.

You can enjoy all of Weinf’s music over at his Bandcamp page, and I’d hugely encourage getting your hands on a ‘Bury Me With My Money’ cassette. This guy is otherworldly, I promise you, and I’m sure a listen will get you as hooked as I am.

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