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Quite easily the best new band to come out of East Anglia in the past few years.

With members hailing from Colchester and Ipswich, Egyptian Blue evolved as a band during the group’s time at college, and their grunge-tinged alternative rock sounds are truly something to not miss out on. Their fresh take on indie-rock covers so many genres and elements that it’s kinda hard to class – with Andy Buss’s (from the band) attempt to describe it being “Trashy punky psych shop pop terror jazz.” It’s  a lot easier just to take our word for it that it’s damn good music and you shouldn’t really be continuing your day until after you’ve given it a listen.

Egyptian Blue may have only released three singles so far, but they’re already beginning to make quite a name for themselves in the indie music world; they’ve had airplay on BBC Radio 1, been featured by NME, and made appearances at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival a few weeks ago. The band’s energetic, fuzz-drenched rock sounds better and better as you listen through ‘Do you think you’re worth your soul?’, ‘High The Hyena’ and ‘This is my rot’ – all exactly the sort of songs that are bound to result in massive mosh pits at gigs. ‘This is my rot’ is probably the top one to listen to of the lot, as it’s their newest and liveliest, but the other two are also seriously not to be missed; their fusion of garage, Brit-pop and psychedelia (particularly in High the Hyena) is unreal. They’ve already performed around London, in places such as the Scala, Lock Tavern and Sebright Arms, and are gaining more and more recognition with each gig.

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