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Brit award winning newbie Jack Garratt’s debut album ‘Phase’ has met acclaim both from listeners and critics alike. Writer Elisa gives us her summary on the album….

Jack Garratt’s debut album doesn’t disappoint. Interlaced with the hum of electric guitar and bass, he manages to simultaneously reach both the lonely, heartbroken souls as well as those that just want to have a good time.

His dulcet tones melt into the tracks seamlessly, with each song working perfectly alongside each other. Listening to the chorus of tracks like “Chemical” you would be forgiven for thinking that Jack Garratt was a pseudonym for an up and coming dubstep artist – but the juxtaposition between the empty heartfelt piano chords and heavy beats just makes the listening experience all the more enjoyable. His voice itself could be likened to that of Hozier’s, with the deep male folk – style voice present throughout.

Perhaps the only potential criticism one could have of this record is the feeling that all the songs are a bit too samey at times- though the record as a whole is great, and of course individual tracks, such as singles “Worry” and “Breathe Life” stand out, its questionable whether each song could be told apart in months to come. However, clearly Garratt is on the way up, with a Critics Choice Brit Award already under his belt, and surely many more to come. You can purchase “Phase” here.

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image: villunderlondon under Creative Commons Licence.

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