German duo Milky Chance have released their sophomore album ‘Blossom’ to fans eagerly awaiting fans. Callum Sheppard reviews their follow up.

Between the hazy years of 2013 and 2014, the German folk duo Milky Chance blew up off of the back of two sprightly singles, ‘Stolen Dance’ and ‘Down By The River’. The singles, huge crossover hits both in their native Europe and in the U.S, managed to combine a Mumfords feel with a synthetic vibe, which in turn was only alleviated more by their release of their debut album ‘Sadnecessary’ at the end of ’14. By this, you’d assume that they would’ve taken all of this in their stride and furthered their sound to incorporate a variety of goings-on that made the mainstream happy. They probably did through this second LP, but if anyone wants to tell me where or when, it’d be much appreciated.

It somehow manages to be too long, not just in album length but also in song length. They all, bar ‘Bad Things‘, just seem so long and it drags and drags and drags… You get the picture. The effort they put in can’t be knocked but sequels have this painful ability to be lacking the star power and secret wonder that made the first effort just that good. It happens here.

I just want to thank Izzy Bizu for helping to try to save this album, for at least four minutes and thirteen seconds. On middle of the road track ‘Bad Things’, the uniqueness of her voice covering a wavering acoustic guitar allows for something that just isn’t heard in the other 56 minutes. However, lead vocalist Clemens Rehbein’s voice next to her’s in the chorus just does not fit and it becomes mangled. By that point, it’s not like one good song would’ve saved it regardless. Other redeeming qualities could possibly be the latter half of ‘Firebird’ in which the band prove how to layer some mashed guitar together in a way that might make some of their contemporaries jealous. I could also say I’m probably not feeling a lot of hatred to the sound of ‘Cold Blue Rain’, even if it does manage to sound like a poor version of Gorillaz’ ‘Clint Eastwood’ at times.

It’s just a mess, not even a justifiable mess. It’s a longer, more intense version of everything that ‘Sadnecessary’ was and perhaps thankfully was not. The only issue with this is that it’ll probably be everywhere and then next February, watch them win a couple of Grammys for their efforts. I wish I could say that last sentence was the funniest thing I wrote in this review, but the blandness that you taste listening to this will be lapped up like George Galloway in the Big Brother house. Not a nice feeling.

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Blossom | Milky Chance

For a group that can produce such high quality work, it genuinely baffles me as to why this is so bad. Milky by name, cloudy by nature.

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