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Terms And Conditions of altmusicbox.com

last updated: 22 February 2015

1) Intellectual Property

All material and work on the site altmusicbox are copyright of altmusicbox. If you wish to use any of our material you must obtain written permission from us prior to use. You may not copy, modify, or reproduce our material or software in any manner. By using this site you acknowledge that altmusicbox holds all intellectual property of material found on it.

2) Use of Content

You must not copy, reproduce of modify our content without obtaining our written permission before. Although you can save our material for personal use, you may not download or copy any material for further use. It may not be used for any third-party websites, reviews, news articles, or any other use. If you would like to apply for permission contact us.

3) Liability

 You must not rely on any statement made on the site altmusicbox, anything written is not written for a specific person or purpose. We are not liable to any loss caused from your viewing or reading of any material on this site.

4) Ownership of material

All material, text, photos, and other property of the site is solely owned by altmusicbox.com and therefore Eve De Haan. All material is copyrighted and any event of violating or infringing this copyright may result in prosecution and be followed up from the law. This particularly applies to copying and distributing written text and photographs taken and uploaded by altmusicbox.com i.e. Eve De Haan, unless the author has otherwise stated.

5) Comments

altmusicbox is not responsible for any comments made on posts on the site. All comments are post-moderated and not pre-moderated. If for any reason you believe a comment on a post should be taken down, please alert altmusicbox immediately.

6) Cookies

By using this site you agree to the use of cookies and that they may be stored on your computer.

7) Change of Terms

These terms may be updated over time so please ensure you are up to date with them when you use the website.

8) Offence taken from reviews

Our reviews are personal opinions of our contributors, and they are in no way meant to harm or cause offence to any parties. Views stated are not necessarily those of the site or its management.

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