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Phone Died | Louis The Child

March 3rd saw EDM duo Louis the Child released their new single “Phone Died,” featuring LA-based singer and rapper Blaise Railey. Emily Wong reviews.

The track is a slightly stylistically different from the pair’s past hits, especially being their first single to include male vocals. Starting with a relatively simple electronic intro, the beat then kicks in along with Railey’s rapping. The subsequent chorus consists of a flat melody made up of four repeated lines. The chorus’s lyrics are far from profound, with lines including, “I’m trying to charge my phone//Tell me who got a plug for that?” The bridge’s melody is also pretty unimaginative, with intentionally off-key vocals accompanied only by a beat that give song a raw sensation.

The overall theme of the song, while admittedly relatable, is superficial at best. In contrast with Louis the Child’s previous singles, all of which feature strong feminine vocals and polished lyrics, “Phone Died” has a generally unrefined sound. This shift in style succeeds in achieving an edgier vibe that sets the duo apart from other EDM groups. However, the question is whether or not they’ve gotten to the point where they can make amateur-sounding music without being considered amateur musicians. The way everyone else responds will determine the answer.

The song will be a part of their EP “Love is Alive,” scheduled for release March 24.

What do you make of ‘Phone Died’? Let us know in the comments!

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Phone Died | Louis the Child


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