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Pixie Geldof | I’m Yours

With a lot to prove, Pixie Geldof shows that she isn’t just relying on her family fame with an impressive debut album which entails some stunning moments.

When Pixie Geldof isn’t mixing with A list pals such as Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw, she finds the time to produce a debut album. At the age of 26, she has decided to stick it out alone and she’s pretty fierce. Previously the lead singer of the grunge band Violent, she brings her moody tendencies to her debut solo album.

The album opens with the track ‘Sweet Thing’. The ballad has made coherent links to music of South of America and influenced by the music she listened to as a child. The song is very powerful through its use of bold lyrics with a mixture of a strong beat makes the song sometimes haunting. The title track ‘I’m Yours’ portrays notes by a devoted lover to their beloved one. The track is particularly dreamy raising melodic links to the Queen of Cool, Lana Del Ray.

‘So Strong’ shows the moody side of Geldof. Along with ‘Escape Route’, the tracks are almost cinematic with powerful love lyrics and slow beats. ‘Women Gone Wild’ offers a chance for Geldof to express her thoughts and feelings about how her lover demonstrates his feelings towards her. Geldof is a spokeswoman for every young woman in love and the feelings they have when their partner looks at them, relatable to most relationships. ‘Rain Comes Down’’s stormy sound brings heavy influence from the garage bands of the 90s such as the likes of Nirvana and Radiohead. Lyrically filled with anticipation , it adds a slick sound to a collection influenced by country riffs that runs throughout the album. ‘Close to you’ depicts the story of a obsessional lover and a streamy love affair through the use of heavy drum beats whilst the vocals on ‘Poison Apple’ are by fair the most impressive on the whole album, proving Geldof musically talented beyond her ‘It girl’ status.

The most emotionally charged track on the album is ‘Twin Thing’. Bringing the influence from the tragic loss of her sister Peaches from a heroin overdose in 2014, the song has been used to describe her heartbreak of losing her sister. ‘Where The Wild Things Grow’, adds to this, on which she sings: “I’ll meet you where the wild things grow/ I’ll love you forever you know/ It’s easy to forget these highs are lows/ Because soon they go.”, Geldof expresses her emotional loss and the hope that she will be reunited with her sister again.

Synoptically, ‘I’m Yours’ deals with the issues of sex, love, death and relationships in a very graceful manner. Geldof’s impressive lyrics and strong beats has made her debut album a memorable one. She has made an impressive first performance and beautiful collection of songs. Pixie’s future career is destined to be successful as she demonstrated herself as much more than her family name, but a talented, sophisticated artist.

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Pixie Geldof - I'm Yours Album Review

"Pixie’s future career is destined to be successful"

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