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Sleigh Bells | Jessica Rabbit

With a duo-name apt for the festive season, noise-pop artist ‘Sleigh Bells’ new record, ‘Jessica Rabbit’ comes under review.

The new record on offer from noise pop duo Sleigh Bells, “Jessica Rabbit”, is violent and powerful. It cannot ever be said that it it is not an uninteresting listen, however uncomfortable at times it makes you. Whilst the New York act often desire to create a listening experience that is actively un-relaxing, certain tracks do make you wonder whether it is worth it. However, the occasional moments of enlightening, disjointed melody make up for this. The dissonance and overwhelming sound effects are not for everybody, but the strong beats and heavy handed electric guitar seems like it would make for a great live listening experience.

One of the things that Sleigh Bells manages to get right is the juxtaposition of loud and quiet. The difference in the layering of sound between the intro of tracks like “Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold”, compared to the latter part of the song, is pronounced. This is seen again in personal favourite “I Know Not to Count On You”, where a minimalist piano introduction paves the way for electric beats and guitar as the song progresses, with sudden pauses for acoustic female vocal sections.

Perhaps we should look back on tracks from the duos first release, the record “Treats”, for comparison. Whilst their sound has appeared to have developed maturity wise, many elements remain, and some of their earliest releases, such as “Straight A’s” could have come straight off “Jessica Rabbit.” It is reassuring to see this level of continuity, proving how the band have kept their signature sound whilst developing in certain areas.

On the whole, whilst perhaps a record potentially greatly enjoyable live, the aggressive nature of the tracks mean that for some, it may be hard to stomach as just as a casual listen, but for others, it may be a solid new addition to the music library.

What do you make of ‘Sleigh Bells’? Let us know in the comments!

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Jessica Rabbit - Sleigh Bells


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