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It’s hard to pinpoint a particular song that embodied the change from child to young adult, especially growing up in the age of social media where I predominantly found new music through growing platforms like youtube and streaming services- aged nine, I’m not quite sure what music meant for me as it was there primarily as a form of distraction for long car journeys and something to brag about to your primary school friends (being oh so cool because you knew the rap for Chipmunk’s latest track).

I was quite unaware of the so called “other side” of music that didn’t make its way onto “Now That’s What I Call….” CD’s, and it was an area that I only delved into when starting secondary school. One of the first songs I listened to that meant more to me than just chords and words was “5 Years Time” by Noah And The Whale (who happened to sadly break up a week before writing this) – it was the only song in my collection at the time that didn’t have a 4-to-the-floor beat and a terrible rapping interlude. It was a foreign concept to me.

Remembering the first time I saw the video on some long gone music tv channel, the song made me think about where I would actually be in five years time, and the idealistic view I had on how cool it would be to be a teenager, staying out till 6am and generally leading an incredibly glamorous and interesting life. Oh, how wrong I was…

What song changed your life? Let us know in the comments!

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