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Further proof that the Danish indie music scene is one of the best out there at this moment in time, Copenhagen based post-punk trio John Alcabean have provided us with our explosive weekly sound for this week. ‘Fire’ is fittingly named, I can assure you. 

An irresistibly fuzzy introduction soon pounds into life with an electrifying riff, akin to the likes of Royal Blood. There’s an evident shoegaze influence as the mesh of atmospheric guitar takes the song to a positively huge level, aided by the crooning vocals that flit between snarly cool and lilting wail. It’s riotous yet charming – John Alcabean bring the noise in an impeccably polished way. The bridge that follows the second massively catchy chorus is perhaps the highlight of ‘Fire’ – as the tempo gradually diminishes, a tantalising bassline kicks in that seems to build anticipation for the song’s climax. It reminds me slightly of Foals’ huge ‘Two Steps, Twice,’ in the sense that it grows until it’s practically teasing, not to mention the incredible musicality of it. The anticipation pays off as ‘Fire’ becomes a meteorological spectrum of sound, full of energy.

In short, ‘Fire’ is, well, fire. The track is just the second single from John Alcabean, and has me extremely excited about what the future holds for them – with music of this calibre being produced so early on in their career, I predict that by 2017 the Danish rockers will be taking the world by storm. Their debut EP, ‘Real Time Fiction’ was released on September 2nd via Tapetown Records, and has only further cemented my previous claim. Their sound draws similarities to many of the greats, yet is completely distinctive and refreshingly original. Each track contains the same punch as ‘Fire,’ whilst bringing something new to the table. The band’s previously released single, ‘Need Comfort,’ for instance is full of Death From Above 1979-esque scuzz, yet manages to sound deliciously upbeat. I strongly recommend a listen to all that you can find – this might just be your new favourite band.

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