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Undoubtedly one of my favourite songs at the moment, our Weekly Sound for this week comes from Berlin-based Still Parade and oozes nostalgia.

07:41 first came to my attention just last week following the release of its gorgeously hazy music video, the result of a post-SXSW USA roadtrip. As is the case with, well, pretty much everybody I can think of, the idea of a sun-kissed tour of The States is something of a dream for me so I was instantly charmed by the band’s wanderlust-inducing footage. It wasn’t until I was on watch number two that it struck me how equally dreamy the track itself is; it’s safe to say that I’m now hooked on this glittering concoction.

07:41 has that oh so sought after quality of being completely unique in its sound. I definitely noticed similarities to the likes of Tame Impala and Wild Nothing, but there’s something about the track that propels it into its own bracket. It’s a kaleidoscope of shimmery sound, experimental yet smooth. A driving bassline meets a wave of psychedelia in a synthy explosion, aided by the slick, melodic vocals of Niklas Kramer. Each and every aspect of 07:41 contributes to that deliciously retro bedroom-pop sound, without the intricacy becoming overbearing – it maintains a simplicity that only adds to its charm. Laced with sentimentality, the track as a whole is quite frankly stunning and I can’t get enough.

07:41 certainly isn’t the first offering from Still Parade, and I’m equally certain (and hopeful) that it won’t be the last. The project of the aforementioned wonder that is Niklas Kramer, Still Parade has been circulating since 2013 and was something of an enigma for a period of time. Initially making waves with ethereal folky numbers such as the haunting ‘Actors,’ the band’s sound is now a spectrum of dream-funk that is seeing them gain more and more attention, understandably. Their debut album ‘Concrete Vision’ was released this summer following much anticipation, and is one of the most impressive debuts I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Be sure to take a listen yourself – you can stream the album in full on Spotify, and I promise you it will be one of the better decisions you’ve made!

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