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The ashes of country crooner Beth Jeans Houghton have well and truly been sprinkled into the ocean in exchange for the louder, harder, stronger character of Du Blonde she has assumed for new album ‘Welcome Back To Milk’. Raucous drums & shouts of angst meld in strangely well alongside Houghton’s drowsily thick toned warbles.

60’s vibes on tracks like ‘Hunter‘ & ‘Raw Honey‘ are heard alongside tracks like ‘Isn’t it wild‘ ; very Lana Del Rey-esque and beautifully nostalgic of generations past. ‘Hard To Please‘ at first listen is a raging tune telling the age old story of a need to get out of a small town: “you don’t own this town / you’re not why I want to stay”, but deepens with twists of pain filled lyrics. ‘If You’re Legal‘ is a bold statement of lust, and though each song has a unique message, each is a slightly different take on a dying genre of what is an eclectic mix of rock’n’roll and soul.

Du Blonde will soon be embarking on a UK tour, tickets available here .

 Photo: Flickr under Creative Commons

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