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Interested in writing for an upcoming, successful and innovative music blog? We take on people to do regular articles for us, or, if you’re interested in doing a one-off piece, we allow ‘guest users’ to publish their work too.

We’re looking for passionate, dedicated and interesting writers. No prior blogging experience is necessary. Please note; We take on writing applications as a monthly set, so if we haven’t responded in a while, do not worry.

Fill in the contact form below to register your interest and we’ll get back to you soon.


  • The option for ‘Regular Contributor’ basically means you’ll be asked for weekly albums, gigs, interviews and other features.
  • Does not having twitter affect your chances? Not at all. It just helps us link up authors with their posts when we publish work.
  • Haven’t heard back in a while? We take on contributors as a monthly set, which means at some point near the end of the month we sit down and go through the long list of applications… You will hear back from us soon, but if you’re really worried, drop Eve an email at evedehaan@altmusicbox.com and simply ask.
  • If you have one article idea or review you want to publish, we allow that too, just choose ‘Guest’ and pitch your piece in the last writing box.

if you have anymore queries about applying, email evedehaan@altmusicbox.com for more information.



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  1. Avatarmusicfordham Reply

    I seem to have sent you 2.5 blogs by mistake. The one called ‘Self Consciousness in rock’ was the one indended!

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